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Download Fifa Manager 2012 – XBOX 360, PS3, PC , WII Free

Download FIFA 12 for PC for free
Links below

Step 1

Make sure you have downloaded both Daemon tools and utorrent before downloading FIFA 12. After you click on the download link for FIFA 12, its going to open it up with utorrent. Click on the utorrent icon on your taskbar and then click on the tab downloading and you should see your downloading progress. The download will take a long time since the file is 6 gb, but it's worth the wait, trust me. 

Step 2

After your download is finished, click on the completed tab in utorrent. Right click on the file and click on "open containing folder". Then, drag "rld-fi12" file from that folder on to your desktop.

Step 3 

Open up daemon-tools and it should appear on the task bar. Right click on the icon, go on "virtual devices > select a device > "Mount Image..". Now browse to your desktop, and open "rld-fi12.iso"

Step 4

Now right click and open FIFA 12 in your local drive. Go to the "crack" folder and open "rld-fi12.exe" and a keygen should open. Click on generate and copy the code. Now all you have to do is open FIFA 12, and paste your code during the installation setup.

Step 5 

After you are done installing. Once again go to the "crack" folder and this time copy "fifa.exe" and paste it in to your FIFA 12 directory, "Program Files> EA Sports> FIFA 12> Game." ENJOY YOUR FREE GAME!!


E0001 Error



This error has been one of the most common issues people are facing right now. Basically the error E0001 means that the pixel sahder model of your graphics card is below 3.0. Now in order to check what shader model you have you will need to download GPU-Z. There is no installation required, and all this program does is give you info about your graphics card. Once you open the file, under the "Graphics Card" tab look for "DirectX support". There you should see the version of your directX and the shader model represented as "SM#" the # should be 3.0 or even higher.

If it shows a shader model equal or higher than 3.0 and your still getting the error, then you must update your graphic drivers in order to get the most up to date drivers. You can update your drivers by going to control panel and search for "Device Manager". Once there look for your display adapters and right click on it and then update. You can also try a more professional program for updating called "Driver genius professional". You can download the torrent HERE, and this program will give you detailed and accurate updates. Bottom line, if you don't have a shader model pixel of 3.0 or higher, and you consider yourself a pc gamer then you might go ahead and by a better graphics card. If you have any concerns, feel free to comment. I will gladly be happy to answer. 

d3dx9.dll Error



If you get the error, "d3x9_41.dll not found", make sure that you have copied "fifa.exe" from the cracked folder of the image you have mounted and put that file in to where you installed FIFA 12. If that doesn't work, then try this method. Download d3x9_41.dll here. After you have it downloaded extract the files using winrar. If you don't have winrar you can click here to download it. After you have you have extracted it, copy the file "D3X9_41.dll" and paste it to this directory:


If this doesn't work then leave a comment below explaining exactly what your problem is, and I'll keep you updated with a solution!

FIFA 12 online

Finally, you are able to play FIFA 12 online for FREE using lan.
First of all you need to download a program called "gameranger" that allows you connect to other people wanting to play FIFA 12


After you have downloaded gameranger you will have to register for an account and it's completely free. You will be able to host or join a game once you have been registered. After you host or join a game, in the game menu you will have to go to " ONLINE MODES > MULTIPLAYER > LAN PLAY". Once you are there, you will enter any name you want. If you are the host you will have to create a game lobby, and if not, you will have to wait for the host to create a game lobby and then join it. Just be patient!!

If you want the most optimized experience while playing FIFA 12 online, you might wanna try lowering the quality of FIFA 12 to its lowest by going to (Program files > EA Sports > FIFA 12 > Game > fifasetup) and then choosing "fifaconfig.exe". Once you are there, under the "Display Configuration" set the Rendering Quality to "VeryLow" and the MSAAoptions to be "4x", and that's it. Now playing online should be smoother than EVER!!!










FIFA Manager 12

FIFA Manager 12 is a football manager simulation video game developed by Bright Future GmbH and published by Electronic Arts worldwide under the EA Sports label. It will be released for Microsoft Windows in 2011. It is the eleventh game in FIFA Manager series of video games.

New features

The game will have more than 700 new features and improvements such as:
  • 3D match: A special highlight this year is the 3D game option. This area of the game representation is a matter close to the heart for a lot of fans of the franchise, so that this year a whole team consisting of designers, graphic artists and programmers have put the entire logic of the 3D mode to the test and completely reprogrammed large sections of it.
A new player AI, for instance, and marked improvements in terms of the substitutions, tactics and the conduct of opposing managers, e.g. after players are sent off, results from this. The new intuitive user interface makes it possible for you to retrieve all the data relevant to the game within seconds and to issue precise tactical instructions.
  • New club facilities: 25 buildings with a total of 289 configuration levels are reproduced in detail. In addition there are up to three stadia with up to 120,000 seats directly on the club grounds.
Buildings age and have to be renovated. Each configuration level has specific impacts in other areas of the game. As a player you are thus constantly faced by decisions to make and must develop a genuine strategy in terms of how you want to set up your club in the future.
  • Finances: The financial sector is also entirely new. Cubs and players have to first gain the trust of the financial markets through sporting successes. Realistic revenue of the main sponsors help to exactly reflect the large financial differences between top clubs and a smaller club in the game.
A stock exchange with club shares should, of course, not be absent. In the sponsorship sector there are also numerous improvements, such as the sponsors‘ pyramid or sponsors’ campaigns to obtain new partners. Moreover, there is the option of much more intensive interchanges with the main sponsor, who wants to be kept happy.
  • Transfer market: In the transfer section you can now field players in trials in test matches or commission a detailed analysis of the squad so the team's weak points can be specifically eliminated. Due to the fact that all the AI managers make use of these squad analysis options, the transfers will once again become even more realistic. In this way AI clubs can also cash in expensive stars who do not want to extend their contracts just before their contracts expire.
  • Classic areas in a new look: A whole range of new options will be available to you in the calendar. From the charity event to direct friendly match queries and extending to lactate tests, no wishes are left unfulfilled.
The training can once again be planned and implemented on a daily basis in individual units. The player development was made more realistic here which makes the games even more challenging especially at the higher difficulty levels. A special fitness coach will now also offer you his services from the start of the season.
In the Weekly Progress sequence that can now be configured you can select your favourite statistics in a targeted manner and, for instance, precisely track the training or the building progress on the club facilities.
The instant calculation, the cooperation with your Board, the player talks, interviews and the Personal Life feature were also extended.